The CryptoGothicGirls Project

☠️ Welcome to Crypto Gothic Girls Club ☠️

666 unique collectible CryptoGothicGirls NFTs with proof of ownership stored on a decentralized blockchain.

Each Gothic Girl is individually handcrafted by photographer, designer and NFT artist Jill Razzo.

In the course of the week, only 2-3 new Gothic Girls are minted. These are usually sold out quickly.

Become part of the community that loves a night life at the club.

Thank you for your support! (With ❤️  your Jill)

The goth girls stand out – perfect mix of pixel and detail, cartoon ritual, and atmospheric depth through simplicity!

(Blue_Dog_Radical via Twitter)

You can find more gothic girls from the CryptoGothicGirls collection here