Cyberpunk Girl #159: Lizzy


Name: Lizzy
ID: Cyberpunk #159
Eye color: green
Hair color: blond

About Lizzy

Lizzy is a blonde, music-loving cyber punk girl with a passion for fighting. With her bright blonde hair and edgy fashion sense, Lizzy is a force to be reckoned with in the cyber punk scene. Her love of music fuels her fire, and she can often be found singing along to the latest techno beats at underground clubs. Despite her seemingly carefree demeanor, Lizzy is a skilled fighter, using her agility and quick reflexes to hold her own in any brawl. She is fearless and always up for a challenge, and her confidence and independence make her a true leader among the cyber punk crowd.

NFT Details

Blockchain: Polygon
Edition Size: 100
Filesize: 1333 x 2000
Exclusive Digital Editions: yes

Lizzy’s NFT@OpenSea:…

Cyberpunk Girls NFT-files on the Blockchain do not have a watermark!